Rock the Red Carpet With an Indian Saree

Hello all,

I know you guys missed me so here I am with my new blog post! So let’s jump right in. In this post, I will talk about the Indian attire known as ‘Saree.’ This outfit originated in the Indian subcontinent and is widely worn by women in traditional Hindu families as a symbol of grace. It is typically made out of silk, cotton, polyester, and georgette and all of them are readily available in the Indian clothing markets. ‘Saree’ is also worn by women India’s neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

fullsizerender‘Saree’ consists of three segments. The first segment is called the petticoat (in Hindi) and as the name suggests it’s a coat that is worn as a long skirt to hold on to the long black piece of clothing that you see above!  However, you guys won’t see the petticoat because  I am wearing it underneath the black piece of garment. The second garment is the actual ‘Saree’ which is a 4.5 to 8 meters long drape depending how much you are willing to wrap around yourselves!! (Trust me, it’s much longer than your bed sheets and blankets)! Saree is worn over the petticoat. The saree is wrapped around the waist with one of its ends draped  over a shoulder as you can see in this picture. In this picture, the saree loosely cover the legs and flows into long elegant pleats on the front of the legs. If you guys are wondering, this picture is of my high school prom. Yay! I rocked the red carpet with this beautiful black formal yet sexy look!

The third and the most important segment of this outfit is called the blouse which is a short sleeves garment worn as a top cropped to the midriff. I chose a silver halter-neck  as it compliments well with the my black saree and gives my outfit a bright, luminous, and chic look perfect for occasions like high school proms, high-end weddings, and even big formal gatherings. Sarees can come in many different styles depending on the occasion. They typically consist of a heavy golden embroidery on the ends of the garment and even the blouse again depending on your personal style and choice. For this look, my mom designed my saree with two laces, one silver and the other shimmery black. I think it just blends well with my outfit and gives it that royal look! To complete this look, I chose to go with some base foundation and a little bit of blush. Just to pop my face a little, I used a silver eye shadow and a light pink lip color. The tiara that you see around my forehead is actually a neck lace but my mom put that on my forehead to create that classy and sassy look! I am also wearing a huge silver ring and a silver bracelet to jazz it up! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Let me know what your thoughts are and if there is anything you want to see in particular.


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