Hello cropped-f2.jpgall,

Welcome you all to my first blog post. This post is going to illustrate typical attire worn by women in India and Pakistan.

The outfit that I am going to talk about today is called “Salwar Kameez” which exhibits different styles. The Indian attire that you see above consists of two segments. In this attire, the upper piece of clothing that I am wearing is called “Kameez” which is the long shirt or tunic made out of cotton and can exhibit various styles or embroidery depending on the occasion. Because this was an educational fashion show based at my college, I preferred to go with a plain magenta color of the shirt or “kameez.” I chose this color specifically because Indian attires are all about bright colors. Sounds super bright and loud right?

The lower piece of clothing that I am wearing in this picture is called “Salwar.” These are cotton-made loose-fitting pair of pants. I chose a geometrical-style pants to add a little spice to my plain shirt. You can find “Salwar” in various styles-some too loose, some like tights, and some like wrinkled pants.

Salwar-Kameez  also includes another important piece of clothing called the “Dupatta.” Although in this particular attire, I am not wearing it, it is considered an essential part of this particular Indian outfit. “Dupatta” is a piece of clothing which is mainly used as a covering around the neck and bares. It is considered a symbol of women’s respect. “Dupatta” is also worn as an accessory in urban fashion usually called as “scarf.” It is not necessary to wear a “Dupatta” but you could always wear it to look more culturally-dressed if you want!

In my culture, we usually wear “Salwar Kameez” for almost any occasion starting from weddings to other ceremonial occasions. You’ll usually find this clothing made out of silk, cotton, and synthetic materials usually lined with colorful embroidery. Indian outfits are usually combined with jewelry like earrings and bangles. In this picture, I am wearing traditional reddish-orange earrings to create that authentic look! 🙂

As you can see that I chose to wear silver bangles usually known as bracelets here in the United States to work with my cultural outfit. I straightened my hair and kept my makeup subtle with a tinge of blush and added a pop to my face by wearing a bright red lipstick because I want my audience’s focus to be my outfit.

Hope you liked my first post! Looking forward to your comments! 🙂




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