Hello guys and girls,

My name is Chhavi! I am from India and I am currently a student at South Seattle College in Washington State. I have long been interested in blogging about fashion because I am intrigued with how the fashion culture here in the United States remarkably differs from the fashion culture in India. One of the things that fascinated me is how people here are much more comfortable with their clothing and usually dress casual, at least in the West coast. I know that in the East coast, it is more formal. Back home in India, people usually dress according to the occasions. For example, suits and skirts for meetings or formal gatherings and traditional clothing for family gatherings, festive seasons, and weddings. In India, clothing is also a representative of our societal class and status. Therefore, the best way to fit in a particular culture in India is to dress well!

So, I want to share my thoughts with you all on how I blend culturally-specific traditional clothing and add a western touch to it. Hope you all enjoy reading my blogs.

I hope to hear your thoughts on fashion. Feel free to share and comment! You are more than welcome to give any suggestions about any specific outfits you would want me to talk about.



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